Water Jet Cutting

Water Jet Cutting

SAS exclusively uses Flow Water Jets ensuring that you get the absolute best quality using the most advanced machinery available. Our water jets can cut virtually any material from thin rubbers measuring .001” thick to the thickest and strongest of materials (up to 8” thick titanium). This is accomplished by using strictly water and a mixture of water and garnet at pressures up to 55,000 psi creating a water stream measuring anywhere from .004” diameter to .013” diameter depending on the cutting orifice being used.This creates a water stream cutting at speeds over Mach 2. All this is done while providing a flat edge (non-contoured) cut that traditional stamping methods would be unable to achieve.Often times the only limitations to what we can cut are the raw material width and length sizes with a cutting area measuring 6’ x 12’ we are able to provide large, precise, seamless parts that would be otherwise unattainable.

Cost Savings

Another advantage of water jet cutting is the cost savings it provides over traditional stamping techniques. We are able to Nest Parts using advanced algorithms from nesting software,such as Hypertherm ProNest to drastically reduce material waste spacing the parts in such a way that would be impossible to achieve by traditional human judgment when stamping.

Making the Impossible Possible

Water Jet cutting has completely changed how we approach looking at flat, non-molded, parts. Water Jet cutting has allowed us to create gaskets that would otherwise involve large amounts of machining and fixturing to create intricate designs that would either need highly intricate expensive tooling or simply not be possible.


Simplicity, Duplicity, and Speed

Perhaps, the biggest advantage water jet cutting offers is its extremely simple operability which enables us to take your CAD file or draw our own and load that into the Water Jets CAM Software and begin cutting the part often times the same day we receive an order and get fast prototypes out. This also enables us to assist design and development processes by creating templates to be mocked up without the need for any expensive tooling and make minor or major modifications simply by editing the CAD file. This enables us to get your smallest job or your largest job out the door in a fraction of the time from traditional methods. Another cost saving advantage is one of the biggest down fall of water jets can sometimes be there speed. Compared to traditional stamping that can cut a part in a simple stamping operation the water jet has to travel the entire part design. SAS has helped to mitigate this one downfall by investing in multiple cutting heads on our machines. We have the ability to cut up to 4 parts using 4 cutting heads at the same time.

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