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About Us


SAS Industries, Inc. (SAS) began at a small storefront in Wantagh, NY during 1973. SAS's original work centered around building gaskets for new sewers being built in the area, mainly gaskets for manhole covers. SAS would soon grow to service many local plumbing suppliers as well. At the time the company operated with a few die cutting presses and eventually expanded to a small warehouse in Farmingdale, NY.

SAS spent many years in Farmingdale, NY in 2 different factories as it continued its expansion. During this time SAS added molding, slitting, and lathe cutting to its product line, opening up to many new industries including Aerospace, Defense and Telecommunications industries.

In 1982 SAS purchased 13 Acres in Manorville, NY where our headquarters are located to this date. SAS also launched this very website (sasindustries.com) in 1982.

Shortly after our initial move to our new location SAS again doubled its factory size in order to continue to support its growing customer base in 1983. At this time SAS entered into ana greement with then Conneticut Hard Rubber (CHR) Silicones now Saint Gobain as a distributor, converting there extensive product line.

In 1987 SAS recognized a market niche that was not being properly serviced and began the process of developing its own conductive silicone compounds. To this day it is our specialty and we pride ourselves on our EMI/RFI Shielding materials and the value we are able to give our customers with these products. Throughout the years we have made many break throughs and are always improving and expanding upon our offerings.

In recent years we have focused on improving our capabilities and offerings along with offering state of the art technologies to help reduce costs. We have done through a heavy commitment to quality and automation wherever possible.

Recent Investments

In the past few years we have focused on upgrading and adding new machinery and technologies to both increase our utility and reduce our impact on the environment. Recent investments include:

  • 2009
    Flow IFB6x12 WaterJet with 4 Cutting Heads (6' x 12' Cutting Area) - This Allows Us To Cut Parts With No Tooling



    EBBCO Closed Loop Filtration System For Flow IFB 6x12; Amada Fabrivision Laser Scanner (48" x 48"); New Mixing Equipment



    Instron Material Tester 3345; Haas VF3YT - 40" x 26" Work Area Milling Machine; 50kW Solar Array



    3.5" Diameter Hot Feed Extruder; Boy 55E Liquid Injection/Injection Molding Press w/ Fluid Automation Delivery System; Bush 6' x 12' Walk In Refrigerator For Refrigerated Storage



    Autobag AB180 Bagger w/ PI-412C Thermal Transfer Printer; Factory Retrofit LED Lighting Upgrade



    Haas ST-20Y - 12" Diameter w/ Live Tooling & Y Axis



    Electrical Expansion Project, Doubling Current Electrical Capacity, Thermal Products Solutions LO-225 Blue-M Lab Oven, Increase From 4o to 6 Cutting Heads On Flow IFB6x12



    EMPCO 154 Ton 40" x 40" Vacuum Compression Molding Press w/ Shuttle Table; Die Cutting Press (19.5" x 39.5"); Front Office Remodel



    Cryogenic Deflashing Machine, Thermal products Solutions LO-27 Blue-M Lab Oven



    Wabash 150 Ton Compression Molding Press (36" x 24"); Wabash 75 Ton Compression Molding Press (24" x 18"); Thermal Products Solutions LO-27 Blue-M Lab Oven; 3" Silicone Extruder, 16" 2 Roll Lab Mill; 26" 3 Roll Calender; Stereolithography (SLA) Printer and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Printer; 475 Ton 30" x 30" Compression Molding Press; Adhesive Mixing Equipment; Wire Placement and Cutting Machines



    30 Ton 15" x 15" Compression Molding Press; 26" 2 Roll Mill; Hyster Forklift; Flashcutter; 4" Diameter Silicone Extruder; ATOM Flashcutter EASY222, Keyence VR-5200 3D Inspection System

We have also completely revamped our Logistics Software and added many upgrades. We are capable of opening any CAD Generated File, We Do All Of Our Advanced Mold Designing In Solidworks, We Have Advanced Nesting Software (MTC Software's ProNest) and our CNC programs are written using Mastercam X Mill Level 3 and Mastercam X Lathe. We also have various Software Suites enabling us to open all file formats and encrypted file transfers along with the ability to read from all CAD Formats.

You can view our full Facilities List here.


Including various machinery and software upgrades to assist our Quality Department. We are ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100:2016 Rev D certified. Our mission is to continually meet or exceed any requirements put forth and to provide continuous improvement to all processes.