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SAS offers full blown machining services. With both 3 Axis Milling and 4 Axis Lathe capabilities we are able to service a wide range of products past just rubbers and plastics. With our Haas VF3YT we can mill precision parts up to 40” x 26” x 25”. And with the recent addition of our Haas ST20Y we can turn precision parts up to 12” diameter x 21” long. We work with all materials from all types of Aluminum and Steels to Brass, Titanium, all kinds of Plastics, and many other exotic metals.

This more recent addition to our services enables us to our own mold tooling in house, including inserts for unbelievably fast delivery times on complex rubber molded parts along with simple and complex machined parts. It also offers us the ability to offer tooling costs at a fraction of the typical market costs.

Along with our CNC machinery we also have extensive secondary machinery to finish your parts off for you and a vast array of special process suppliers for any special finishing processes you may need.

If you haven’t yet contact us with your machined parts and we will gladly quote it for you and hopefully give you a more reliable quality source for your products.


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